My name is Pamela. I’m a reknown nutritional coach and wellness coordinator working in UK, D, CH and ESP and now also world wide. I’ve started studying everything about nutrition 1994. After working in this field and doing talks also in London, I myself realised, that also I put on weight every single year. Reaching the age of 53 I had 75 kilos and was so unhappy.

I couldn’t understand it, as I had a so said “healthy nutrition”, eating fruits, vegetables, cereals, wholegrain products, fish and chicken. Everybody told me that this was normal and at the age of 50 weight increases. But I still wasn’t happy.

So I started to search the internet and came to a new way of healthy eating. Within 6 month I’ve lost 15 kilos and am now down to the weight I had at the age of 20.

As I’ve got so many friends asking me to write more about it and teach them the way I’ve set up this blog. Here you will find many tips and can also get your personal coaching and some health ideas.

But I my focus is not only on nutrition and diet. Futher topics are also health at over 40, menopausa and men’s health.

I’m looking forward to seeing you being happy to ūüôā

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