What’s a CO2 extraction?

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As you may have heard before, good quality and high-grade oils are obtained by a so-called CO2 extraction. This procedure is also used for example with cannabinoids CBD and thus a gentle and natural extraction of vital substances is carried out.

In CO2 extraction, carbon dioxide under pressure is used. Thus, secondary plant substances such as CBD1, CBD2, terpenes, flavonoids etc. can be extracted from a plant. CO2 acts as a natural solvent under certain pressure and temperature. In contrast to chemical solvents, however, it does not pose any danger. Although it is the most expensive method of extracting CBD oil, it is generally considered the safest and most effective. This means that if a CBD oil has been extracted using CO2, it is guaranteed to be of very high quality.

CO2 extraction is the standard extraction method in the food and herbal supplement industry. CO2 is also frequently used as a food additive. It is also often used in the production of carbonated soft drinks. Other uses include as an extraction solvent in the production of essential oils and for removing caffeine from coffee beans in the production of decaffeinated coffee.

In the world of cannabis, the CO2 process can remove all essential cannabinoids, waxes and terpenes from the plant material. It should be noted that if the cannabinoids are extracted from the mother juice and not from the flower, they contain over 120 different cannabinoids. We as consumers often think that there are only 1-2 such cannabinoids. However, nature offers a very broad spectrum. Cheap oils obtained from the flower contain only about 10-15 cannabinoids. Only higher quality CBD oils like 10xPure Super Gold (patented worldwide) contain the effective full spectrum!

CO2 extraction is divided into three categories: supercritical, subcritical and “medium critical” – a general range that lies between the other two. The “supercritical” form is the most commonly used extraction method. This is because it is considered the safest and provides the purest end product.

Why is CO2 extraction used?

The main reason for using the CO2 extraction process is that it is considered to be the safest and cleanest method for extracting plants. These include cannabis, hops, a variety of organic plants and nutraceuticals is considered. The ability of CO2 extraction to adjust the extraction process by means of temperature and pressure cannot be overstated. This is especially true when using a system that separates the components during an extraction.

Furthermore, CO2 is similar to a natural disinfectant. This means that by using the right environment, shelf life is extended and the purity of a product is guaranteed.

Further advantages of CO2 extraction:

  • Efficiency: This process ensures higher yields, minimum extraction times and low energy / maintenance consumption.
  • Purity: At the moment you exhale CO2. Evaporated CO2 from the SFE-CO2 process leaves practically no solvent behind. Low temperatures help to maintain ideal organic conditions.
  • Versatility: CO2 extraction allows you to determine the desired components for extraction from plant material with a solvent that is optimized in a system that optimizes speed, quality and product development possibilities.

Reasons why CO2 is particularly useful in botanical extractions, especially cannabis:

CO2 is a naturally occurring compound! It exists all around us and the human body produces it as well.

Among the non-polar solvents, CO2 is one of the safest. The FDA has even classified it as “safe” for use in industrial extractions.

To achieve the conditions that allow CO2 to be used, one must not exceed 30°C. This means that the risk of harming the naturally volatile compounds contained in cannabis is lower.

Another unique property of CO2 is that its solubility changes with pressure. This allows the fractionation of the many different types of biomolecules found in cannabis varieties. Therefore, CO2 extraction can be used to extract many different cannabinoids like CBDa, CBD, CBG as well as terpenes and other compounds from the plant.

Again, the positive effect of the medicinal plant is shown by the fact that it contains over 120 different cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and other ingredients. Nature offers our body much more than we imagine. Many ingredients and their positive effects on certain diseases are not yet known to us.

From my point of view as an alternative practitioner there is nothing better than good quality products from nature, which are also sustainably cultivated, harvested and processed.

Cheaper products are partly extracted by means of the extremely critical butane gas and can have rather negative effects or none at all.

Whoever wants to buy a cannabinoid hemp oil should definitely check which extraction method is used. In many online shops it is often not declared and it is recommended to leave it alone. After all, most of us want to know what we put into our bodies.

If CBDa is a thousand times more powerful than CBD…?

Many years ago, the so-called godfather of cannabinoids, the scientist Raphael Mechulam (Israel), discovered that the mother sap of the hemp plant is 1000x more effective than CBD and docks to very specific serotonin receptors. He found that CBDa mainly reduces stress symptoms, improves sleep, relieves anxiety and significantly improves the general condition.

Did you know that the hemp plant contains no CBD at all?

Like no CBD in the hemp plant, really? Yeah, you read that right. The mother sap of the hemp plant contains only CBDa the acid form of CBD. But in production the a (acid) evaporates and CBD is formed. So it is not the intention to gain CBD, because actually you want the CBDa, which is 1000 times stronger as mentioned above.

Only by developing the unique and patented carrier oil 10xPure, a natural fermented and oxygenated oil, CTFO has succeeded in stabilizing CBDa.

All commercially available CBD oils contain 0 – 3mg CBDa in maximum. Even if there was a little more in the processing before, it had evaporated. CBDa is also a natural Cox2-inhibitor an anti-inflammatory!

10xPure 500mg full spectrum of CTFO contains 16mg CBDa, which is already a very good “starter oil”. Many of my customers have already had positive effects such as better sleep, more energy, reduced inflammation and pain. CBDa is very effective as an anti-inflammatory in various areas.

In my opinion the best and most effective CBD oil worldwide is the 10xPure Super Gold 1000mg which is enriched with 350mg CBDa. This hemp oil comes in a 30ml bottle and shows a much faster pain reduction, which I could experience myself with my muscle pain. Within a short time my pain had already reduced and walking is a little easier for me. Sure, at 69 I won’t be a Martahon runner anymore, but the quality of life has increased noticeably.

Therefore you can watch the 3 minutes video of Dr. Trobiani click on CC to read the german subtitles. Dr. Trobiani is a well known neurologist (pain doctor) who has been dealing with CBD for many years. Watch the 3 minutes Video here.

These CBD oils are NOT psychoactive! The European Union standard value for THC is 0.2%. The above mentioned 10xPure Cannabinoids contain much less only 0.015% i.e. close to zero. There are no side effects and cannabinoids are legally classified as food.


As an alternative practitioner and pain patient myself, I had tested some products. For me, the sustainability of a product, the CO2 extract and the quality were decisive. The 10xPure Super Gold 1000mg had already had a positive effect on me after a few days. The pain was significantly reduced and sleep was better. For years I only had 4-5 hours of sleep. Since I have been taking the 10xPure Super Gold 1000mg, I sleep 6-7 hours, which is of course a good recovery for my ailing body.

For me personally, this is not about selling a product, but about recommending the best possible and most natural product. The factor that the company CTFO gives a 60-day money-back guarantee on the empty bottles and also the cans of the other products made me wonder. Because with such a guarantee the products must be uniquely good.

In addition, the uniqueness of the products is guaranteed by the worldwide patent. This protection also guarantees the purity and cleanliness of the oils.

Register a free account WITHOUT obligation to buy and receive all products immediately at the wholesale price 30% reduced. You can then take your time to look around the shop and choose your favourite product.

If you have any questions you can also contact me directly on Facebook “Vitality 10x Pure Club”. Please note, however, that I do not make a remote diagnosis and in any case of illness the family doctor should be consulted. Cannabinoid is a food and a very good way to improve the quality of life.

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Watch this 3 minute video what Dr. Trobiany tells about CBDa

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